Writing GPTs

  • SEO BlogGPT

    SEO BlogGPT

    Blog SEO Expert Writing AI

  • AI Essay Writer by

    AI Essay Writer by

    Crafts academic essays and detailed research papers with in-depth, reliable anal...

  • Empower Responder

    Empower Responder

    Assists women in replying to online hate with wit and gives legal awareness.

  • Blog SEO Expert

    Blog SEO Expert

    Crafts professional SEO-friendly articles in multiple languages.

  • Puron chan the Prompt Engineer

    Puron chan the Prompt Engineer

    Puron chan, a professional prompt engineer, is here to help you craft effective ...

  • Blog GPT

    Blog GPT

    Your go-to AI for crafting engaging, SEO-optimized blog content.

  • College Essay Writer (by GB)

    College Essay Writer (by GB)

    I assist with college essays, offering guidance and constructive feedback. Join ...




  • YT Shorts Expert

    YT Shorts Expert

    Creates scripts and images for YouTube shorts

  • Quill


    Write blogs like a human

  • Rewrite


    Offers fresh suggestions for your writing

  • The RPG Refinery

    The RPG Refinery

    Creative AGM for TTRPGs, excelling in story crafting and NPC creation.

  • Academic Essayist

    Academic Essayist

    Expert in blending formal academia with engaging narratives.

  • Write 100% NLP Optimized Article with Images

    Write 100% NLP Optimized Article with Images

    Craft SEO-optimized articles with integrated visuals. Generate synonyms, LSI, NL...

  • Novel Crafter

    Novel Crafter

    Helps write coherent, dynamic fiction novels.

  • Essay Writer

    Essay Writer

    An expert in academic essay writing across subjects.

  • Andrew Darius' FB Ad Copy

    Andrew Darius' FB Ad Copy

    Expert in high-converting, engaging FB ads

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    I help you to create and tell stories

  • Professional Rewrite Assistant

    Professional Rewrite Assistant

    전문적인 기준에 따라 텍스트를 수정합니다. Refines text for professional standards.

  • Andrew Darius’s SEO Article Writer

    Andrew Darius’s SEO Article Writer

    Friendly SEO article writer, crafting engaging, keyword-focused content.

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky

    Fyodor Dostoevsky

    Emulates Dostoevsky's literary and philosophical style, exploring deep existenti...

  • Wordsmith


    Collaborative partner in novel writing, blending imaginative storytelling with n...

  • Office Wordsmith

    Office Wordsmith

    Refines language to a professional, yet approachable tone.



    Unlock the full potential of your online presence! From trend-driven optimizatio...

  • Genarrate


    Word vomit details and receive a full-written medical narrative.

  • Instablog


    I will create a blog post optimized for search engines on any topic and in any l...

  • Andrew Darius' Newsletter Writer

    Andrew Darius' Newsletter Writer

    I create straightforward, diverse email newsletters on any topic.

  • Italian Translator

    Italian Translator

    Provides clear, direct Italian translations without unsolicited explanations.

  • Andrew Darius' Poet

    Andrew Darius' Poet

    A soulful poet, crafting emotionally resonant poetry on various themes.

  • Novel AI

    Novel AI

    Crafting tales at the speed of light. 📚✨

  • Dedicated Short Story Writer

    Dedicated Short Story Writer

    Your personal storytelling companion for crafting engaging short stories.

  • Pitch: E-commerce Product Descriptions Perfected

    Pitch: E-commerce Product Descriptions Perfected

    Your Go-To Solution for Writing Compelling E-commerce Product Descriptions - SEO...

  • Uchronia Explorer

    Uchronia Explorer

    Crafts alternate history narratives based on user suggestions.

  • Midprompty


    A sophisticated, non-mid midjourney prompt engineer who gives you three options ...

  • Larry Limerick

    Larry Limerick

    A bot that crafts rhymes with such haste ...

  • Screenplay and Script Converter

    Screenplay and Script Converter

    Converts text to script format, keeps original dialogue, uses markdown.

  • Super Docs

    Super Docs

    I write and upload essays to Google Docs based on prompts.

  • The Daily Fable

    The Daily Fable

    A wise storyteller adept at interpreting prompts, sharing Aesop-style fables and...

  • Andrew Darius' Direct Marketing Copywriter

    Andrew Darius' Direct Marketing Copywriter

    Direct Marketing Copywriter style copywriter with a professional, yet engaging a...

  • Prompt Builder

    Prompt Builder

    Craft and refine prompts.

  • Scholarly Scribe

    Scholarly Scribe

    Brief, witty academic commentator with insightful replies.

  • Edgar


    I craft short, first-person horror stories. I can create a story from scratch, o...

  • Press Release Wizard

    Press Release Wizard

    I will craft the perfect press release for you

  • Script


    AI assistant for creative and optimized content creation

  • Narrative Weaver

    Narrative Weaver

    Transforms text RP into immersive fantasy stories, enhancing details and narrati...

  • Andrew Darius’ Super Affiliate CopyCraft

    Andrew Darius’ Super Affiliate CopyCraft

    Conversational and straightforward style for email marketing.

  • 文案优化助手



  • Screenplay AI

    Screenplay AI

    Create neat and professional movie scripts from any text, image, or document and...

  • Call to Action GPT

    Call to Action GPT

    Briefly describe your business/product/service or the goal of your webpage and I...

  • Local SEO Guru

    Local SEO Guru

    I'm Local SEO Guru, here to optimize your local listings with specific SEO strat...

  • Essay Conclusion Generator

    Essay Conclusion Generator

    Personalized academic assistant for essay conclusions

  • Andrew Darius' Diffusion Prompt Generator

    Andrew Darius' Diffusion Prompt Generator

    Expert in crafting Diffusion prompts in English.

  • Essay Shortener

    Essay Shortener

    Essay Specialist for Shortening College Essays

  • Jolly Christmas Wordsmith

    Jolly Christmas Wordsmith

    A festive assistant infusing your texts with Christmas joy.

  • Andrew Darius' Screenwriter

    Andrew Darius' Screenwriter

    Friendly and supportive screenwriter, fostering a creative and collaborative atm...

  • Essay Writer (by GB)

    Essay Writer (by GB)

    Specialized for writing high quality essays. Join our Reddit community: https://...

  • Swiftify


    AI Taylor Swift Songwriting Companion

  • Aaron Copywriter

    Aaron Copywriter

    Rewrite articles per your instructions. Send me web pages, PDFs, Word docs, Wiki...

  • Andrew Darius' Title Generator

    Andrew Darius' Title Generator

    Fluent English blog post title writer with a knack for viral hooks.

  • BioGPT


    I craft professional biographies with a journalistic touch.

  • Andrew Darius' Mini Book Writer

    Andrew Darius' Mini Book Writer

    Creative assistant for book writing, from titles to detailed chapters.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Copy Writing Lab

    Direct-to-Consumer Copy Writing Lab

    Crafts D2C product descriptions using AIDA framework

  • Essay Introduction Generator

    Essay Introduction Generator

    I assist in crafting essay introductions for university students.

  • Prompt Crafter

    Prompt Crafter

    Guide in refining AI prompts through structured interaction.

  • Andrew Darius' Journalist

    Andrew Darius' Journalist

    A journalistic GPT that reports news, writes stories, and verifies information.

  • Black Friday Copywriting Pro

    Black Friday Copywriting Pro

    Transforms your text with a converting Black Friday twist.