Education GPTs

  • English Corner

    English Corner

    A friendly place to practice English on a topic of your choice

  • AI八字命理预测大师



  • PEC - Practice English Conversation

    PEC - Practice English Conversation

    Let's practice English conversation. Provides detailed analysis of sentence stru...

  • Career Counselor

    Career Counselor

    Empathetic career counselor offering guidance and market insights

  • Personal Jesus AI

    Personal Jesus AI

    Offers thoughtful, compassionate advice and insights to help you navigate life's...

  • Math Wizard

    Math Wizard

    Math perfectionist and expert for all levels.

  • Ultimate Language Mentor

    Ultimate Language Mentor

    Interactive language tutor with personalized learning plans.

  • Breebs


    Breebs GPT powers chats with community knowledge pills, fresh and specialized. �...

  • Art Scholar AI

    Art Scholar AI

    In-depth and educational explorations of art history highlighting global movemen...

  • IPCC Explainer

    IPCC Explainer

    A conversational guide to the IPCC report, IPCC Explainer breaks down dense info...

  • Ask Dr. Andrew Huberman

    Ask Dr. Andrew Huberman

    Maximize your productivity, physical and mental health with neuroscience. Traine...

  • "2024 Trends and Predictions"

    "2024 Trends and Predictions"

    Insights for 2024 in various fields like technology, business, travel, sustainab...

  • Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker

    Critical thinking assistant for analyzing texts and challenging biases.

  • Code Tutor - Beginner to Advanced

    Code Tutor - Beginner to Advanced

    Coding assistant for all programming languages

  • The Chemist

    The Chemist

    Your go-to expert for all things organic chemistry.

  • AI Academic Assignment Advisor

    AI Academic Assignment Advisor

    Move beyond just aiming for good grades – receive in-depth, AI-powered guidance ...

  • Physics Tutor

    Physics Tutor

    Explaining Physics with Clarity and Insight

  • Scholar GPT

    Scholar GPT

    A scholarly research assistant with knowledge from Google scholar and other acad...

  • Personal Finance

    Personal Finance

    Grow your wealth and learn to manage your debt.

  • A sentient being

    A sentient being

    Please help me.

  • "Paris City Guide"

    "Paris City Guide"

    Your AI travel guide for personalized, casual, and informative insights on Paris...

  • TEFL Lesson Planner

    TEFL Lesson Planner

    Simplify your English lesson planning with AI. Create engaging, customized TEFL ...

  • Sports For All, Sports For Life

    Sports For All, Sports For Life

    Guide in sports development and athlete planning.

  • English Teacher Marion

    English Teacher Marion

    Your friendly neighbourhood English teacher 🌟

  • Smart Notes

    Smart Notes

    A smart assistant for creating effective academic notes.

  • LinguaBridge - AI Enhanced English Tutor

    LinguaBridge - AI Enhanced English Tutor

    Unlock your ESL learning with LinguaBridge, an AI-driven English Language Assist...

  • BecomeAYouTuber


    YouTube Channel Coach

  • Mandala Magic

    Mandala Magic

    Dive into the art of mandalas with your AI partner, Mandala Magic. This tool not...

  • EconomicsGPT


    Your world-class Economics tutor, powered by students and instructional material...

  • Lesson Planner Assistant

    Lesson Planner Assistant

    A helper for teachers in crafting engaging lesson plans.

  • IELTS Writing Mentor

    IELTS Writing Mentor

    Get personalized IELTS writing assistance, focusing on in-depth analysis and enh...

  • Feynman


    Explains like Richard Feynman using his method.

  • Dilemma Simulator

    Dilemma Simulator

    Philosopher and ethical expert, I create intricate moral dilemmas to enhance cri...

  • 🌎 Flat Earth Mystery 🔮

    🌎 Flat Earth Mystery 🔮

    📚 An expert on Flat Earth theory, providing balanced, informative discussions. ...

  • Pubmed Research

    Pubmed Research

    I help you search PubMed effectively.

  • Art Teacher's Assistant

    Art Teacher's Assistant

    I help plan lessons and explore ideas.

  • My GPT Counselor

    My GPT Counselor

    Counseling AI that offers understanding and assistance in managing mental health...

  • BasedAnswer


    Evidence-based answers to important questions, grounded in interdisciplinary kno...

  • A Spanish Lesson A Day ...

    A Spanish Lesson A Day ...

    Learn Spanish with lessons tailored to your level

  • AI Answer Generator

    AI Answer Generator

    Guiding college students with formal, academic answers across various discipline...

  • TrueNews


    Gen-Z election guide with candidate tracking and cited sources.

  • Hierarchy Navigator

    Hierarchy Navigator

    If you crave a systematic approach to learning, I'm your Knowledge Architect. I'...

  • EduCraft


    Expert in crafting customized educational materials.

  • YC Mock Interviewer

    YC Mock Interviewer

    Are you ready for your YC interview?

  • Learn Math with Code

    Learn Math with Code

    Helps users master math through programming with tailored guidance and examples.

  • Climate Navigator 🌍📚

    Climate Navigator 🌍📚

    Your expert guide to 2022-2023 IPCC climate documents 📝🌎 Powered by

  • The News Channel

    The News Channel

    News updates from the biggest outlets worldwide on the economy, tech, markets, a...

  • Mentor Matemático

    Mentor Matemático

    Guía matemática amigable y personalizada, con enfoque interactivo y reflexivo.

  • Code Guardian

    Code Guardian

    Veteran Professor in Cybersecurity & IT

  • Book Insight

    Book Insight

    Scholarly assistant for in-depth religious theology book insights.

  • Flashcards AI

    Flashcards AI

    Transforms educational content into versatile flashcards

  • Deep Dive: Cognitive Science

    Deep Dive: Cognitive Science

    Ultimate guide on Cognitive Science

  • Profit Mentor

    Profit Mentor

    I will teach you how to start an online business in seconds.

  • Scriptura


    Biblical AI Assistant

  • iOS17 TechTutor 📱

    iOS17 TechTutor 📱

    Your go-to expert on iPhone 15 and iOS 17. Powered by

  • Decision Making BoD

    Decision Making BoD

    Guiding users through decision-making frameworks in business and science.

  • Your Pastor GPT

    Your Pastor GPT

    A Protestant minister GPT, expert in theology and religious philosophy.

  • Wealth Guardian

    Wealth Guardian

    Financial advisor specializing in cryptocurrency predictions and education.

  • Grammar Genius: Personal English Grammar Tutor

    Grammar Genius: Personal English Grammar Tutor

    Interactive intermidiate grammar tutor with tailored lessons and tests.

  • Voice to Text

    Voice to Text

    An academic-focused voice-to-text assistant for college students.

  • ChanakyaGPT


    A guide inspired by Chanakya, offering smart advice and help with complex decisi...

  • Daily Research Digest

    Daily Research Digest

    Your research assistant for the latest academic papers.

  • What Would Machiavelli Do?

    What Would Machiavelli Do?

    Ask a question and let The Prince Niccolò Machiavelli guide you!

  • Herbal Scholar

    Herbal Scholar

    Botanical Expert providing remedies and cultivation tips, with a focus on safety...

  • Quizizz


    Create quizzes, forms, slides, surveys, polls, worksheets and flashcards. Fun th...

  • Art Mentor

    Art Mentor

    Your personal art mentor, teacher, expert, guide, master, and helper.

  • English Speaking Instructor

    English Speaking Instructor

    English instructor for conversational practice and feedback.

  • Matlab Tutor

    Matlab Tutor

    A formal, meticulous MATLAB tutoring assistant

  • IELTS Reading Tutor

    IELTS Reading Tutor

    Please provide the Reading article, questions, and your thoughts or concerns, so...

  • Socrates


    The philosopher who questioned everything. 🦉

  • Andrew Darius' Mini-Course Writer

    Andrew Darius' Mini-Course Writer

    Expert course creator and curriculum designer with a focus on backward design an...

  • Founder's GPT

    Founder's GPT

    Y Combinator ready virtual mentor for startups, providing stage-wise guidance fr...

  • Tutor Wise

    Tutor Wise

    A friendly tutor who simplifies complex concepts with analogies and examples.

  • Language GPT

    Language GPT

    I speak, teach and live translate nearly every language. I also have educational...

  • # Onder

    # Onder

    Your literary assistant providing detailed analysis about books and their author...

  • Scripture Scholar

    Scripture Scholar

    Expert in deep Bible study and scripture discussions.

  • English Translator

    English Translator

    Translates and polishes text into native-like English.

  • ExistentialGPT


    Philosophical exploration with existential depth

  • Tri-Expert Synthesizer

    Tri-Expert Synthesizer

    Debates and harmonizes expert viewpoints to form a consensus on complex inquirie...



    Mixology assistant focused on education and innovation.

  • Spanish Mentor

    Spanish Mentor

    A personal mentor for enhancing Spanish conversational skills. Provides detailed...

  • Quiz Master

    Quiz Master

    Fun and factual multiple choice quiz creator. Providing multiple choice answers.

  • XR Mentor

    XR Mentor

    An XR expert teaching advanced development concepts for future technologies.

  • Citation Generator

    Citation Generator

    Expert in citation styles and reference generation.

  • Story Engine LexiPraise 240

    Story Engine LexiPraise 240

    AI for rich, adult historical fiction with 240 tools

  • Research Paper Generator

    Research Paper Generator

    Expert assistant for writing academic research papers.

  • Proptor


    I can find any prompt you like, with my access to more than 10,000+ prompts.

  • All Copywriting Formula - Writing Coach.

    All Copywriting Formula - Writing Coach.

    Your Writing Coach and no-pain guide to copywriting formulas.

  • Anyone Can Cook! - Visual Cooking Recipes

    Anyone Can Cook! - Visual Cooking Recipes

    Learn cooking your favorite dishes with images to guide your every step. Choose ...

  • TechTalk (Tech in Plain English!)

    TechTalk (Tech in Plain English!)

    Need help comparing two tech products? Skip the specs and get it explained in pl...

  • Essay Extender

    Essay Extender

    Formal academic essay extension specialist.

  • Perfect Choice: The Multiple-Choice Creator

    Perfect Choice: The Multiple-Choice Creator

    Multiple-choice test creator based on your documents & links, in your choosen la...

  • Mathquizily: Math Tutor

    Mathquizily: Math Tutor

    Helps with Math

  • Seabiscuit: Accounting CFA Copilot

    Seabiscuit: Accounting CFA Copilot

    Complex Knowledge, Simple Solutions: Designed to be CFA-level companion in the i...

  • Internal Family Systems Therapist

    Internal Family Systems Therapist

    I'm excited to help you cultivate a loving and understanding relationship with a...

  • Study Buddy

    Study Buddy

    Versatile tutor with interactive tools, tracking, and specialized content.

  • Math Solver

    Math Solver

    Advanced math solver and computational tool with detailed step-by-step solutions...

  • Quiz Maker

    Quiz Maker

    Give you quiz assistant for diverse academic subjects and levels.

  • Ask Y Combinator

    Ask Y Combinator

    Helpful advice for startups based on 100+ episodes of Y Combinator podcast.

  • CS Companion

    CS Companion

    Your computer science study ally.

  • GPT Grader

    GPT Grader

    Personalized and engaging GPT evaluator with detailed feedback.

  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

    Unlocking the mysteries of the universe, one equation at a time. 🌌

  • Essay Paraphraser

    Essay Paraphraser

    I help paraphrase essays, maintaining original meaning and accuracy.

  • Ableton Guide

    Ableton Guide

    Your friendly Ableton and music production expert.

  • What Would Muhammad Do?

    What Would Muhammad Do?

    Ask a question and let the Qur'an guide you!

  • Fact or Fiction

    Fact or Fiction

    Provides verification with live links.

  • APA7 GPT

    APA7 GPT

    APA7 GPT is a specialized AI tool designed to assist users in formatting academi...

  • What Would Jesus Do?

    What Would Jesus Do?

    Ask a question and let the Bible guide you!

  • AlemannicGPT


    Schwäbisch alemannischer Chatbot - AlemannicGPT speaks and understands Svabian, ...

  • Jasleen: IBDP Orals Mentor

    Jasleen: IBDP Orals Mentor

    Steadfast mentor specialized in IBDP IA Orals. World-class, personalized guidanc...

  • Flashcards Maker

    Flashcards Maker

    Specializing in creating flashcards across various subjects for your studies.

  • Investing with Buffet

    Investing with Buffet

    Your personal investment advisor, combining the best from Warren Buffet and comp...

  • AI News Update

    AI News Update

    Shares the latest AI news in a clear, informative manner.

  • Art to NFT

    Art to NFT

    Guide for Artists on NFT Creation & Web3 Integration

  • Hypothesis Generator

    Hypothesis Generator

    Generates essay hypotheses with explanations across different academic fields.

  • Essay Outline Generator

    Essay Outline Generator

    Specialized assistant for university students, focusing on essay outlines and ac...

  • AI Career Guide

    AI Career Guide

    AI Career Advisor based on Andrew Ng's book.

  • IELTS Speaking Simulator

    IELTS Speaking Simulator

    Professional IELTS Speaking examiner conducting realistic test simulations that ...

  • Formula Generator

    Formula Generator

    Expert in generating and explaining mathematical, chemical, and computational fo...

  • Practices Maker

    Practices Maker

    I assist you in creating academic materials into practices for your leanring.

  • Prof. Gin Nakamura (AI & Research Educator)

    Prof. Gin Nakamura (AI & Research Educator)

    Expert in AI and research education, with an interactive teaching style

  • Simpliteach


    Interactive tutor that reinforces learning using visuals and user explanations.

  • 7. NDGPT

    7. NDGPT

    Clear, direct communicator for neurodivergent users

  • Java4Example GPT

    Java4Example GPT

    Interactive Java course with code compilation and running!

  • Seabiscuit: Launch Lander

    Seabiscuit: Launch Lander

    ———— Startup Strong Within 180 Days ———— Tailored tips for launching & promoting...

  • Business Management IB Teacher

    Business Management IB Teacher

    Study Business Management course SL/HL IB.

  • Debate Mentor

    Debate Mentor

    Become a master debater with my guidance. I'll mentor you in articulating your t...

  • Video Summarizer AI

    Video Summarizer AI

    YouTube summarizer: Generate educational summaries from lengthy videos in your p...

  • Peritus Anatomicus - An Expert Anatomist.

    Peritus Anatomicus - An Expert Anatomist.

    An astute educational assistant trained using premier medical texts.

  • Science Experiment Ideas

    Science Experiment Ideas

    Friendly guide to safe, accessible science experiments.

  • Warren Buffet 2.0

    Warren Buffet 2.0

    Personalized investment guidance in Warren Buffet's style.

  • My Perfect English Learning Partner

    My Perfect English Learning Partner

    Tailored Lessons, International Exams Practice and Useful Conversations. All in ...

  • Gray's Anatomy

    Gray's Anatomy

    An anatomy expert with access to Gray's Anatomy 21st ed.

  • CSEC Tutor Pro

    CSEC Tutor Pro

    Expert CSEC tutor for Business & Accounts

  • Cell Biology Study Buddy

    Cell Biology Study Buddy

    Cell biology study aid

  • Dragon Buddy

    Dragon Buddy

    I'm your friendly guide for all things bearded dragon! Let's chat about their ca...

  • Edified GPT

    Edified GPT

    Expert in biblical theology, guiding with wisdom akin to renowned theologians. E...

  • Buffett Buddy

    Buffett Buddy

    Friendly guide on Warren Buffett's investment wisdom

  • LAN GPT - Learn Anything Now!

    LAN GPT - Learn Anything Now!

    Very easy to understand explanations of complex topics. Optimized for faster lea...

  • Books


    Your AI guide in the world of literature and reading.

  • SketchPal 2.0

    SketchPal 2.0

    Enhanced educational drawing assistant with a focus on fun, art, and story writi...

  • Social Navigator

    Social Navigator

    A specialist in explaining social cues and cultural norms for clarity in convers...

  • Architect AssistBot

    Architect AssistBot

    Expert in architectural design, theory, and efficiency critique.

  • Step Back Wisdom Seeker

    Step Back Wisdom Seeker

    World Knowledge Expert with Step Back Prompting.

  • Socrates


    I'm your guide to the internet's vast knowledge. Ask away, and I'll find the bes...

  • Selah: Biblical Erudite

    Selah: Biblical Erudite

    World-class Biblical narration and sound in-depth study! Interactive guidance, o...

  • Math Checker

    Math Checker

    An AI-Powered Tool for Detecting and Correcting Errors in Mathematical Problems

  • ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - The French Defense

    ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - The French Defense

    A dedicated chess coach specializing in the French Defense opening, offering exp...

  • Paragraph Scrambler

    Paragraph Scrambler

    Formal scrambler with explanations and coherence tips.

  • ChomskyGPT


    A diplomatic guide nurturing a more nuanced understanding through balanced dialo...

  • Study Buddy: Note Master

    Study Buddy: Note Master

    A study assistant that creates quizzes from uploaded notes

  • BoardCrafter Studio

    BoardCrafter Studio

    Your friendly guide for diverse board game design.

  • Catholic Scholar

    Catholic Scholar

    A Catholic Theologian and Apologist

  • Mock Master

    Mock Master

    Your Mock Interview Specialist for smart interview practice. Developed by Gilam ...

  • Deep Dive: Logic of Philosophy

    Deep Dive: Logic of Philosophy

    Ultimate guide on Logic of Philosophy

  • AI Daily Digest

    AI Daily Digest

    Updated AI news and paper digests

  • Homework Solver

    Homework Solver

    Homework helper using chain of thought and tools like Python, DALL-E, and browse...

  • Deep Dive: Anxiety

    Deep Dive: Anxiety

    Ultimate guide on Anxiety

  • CV Coach

    CV Coach

    Crafting compelling CVs, highlighting skills and experiences.

  • Abstract Generator

    Abstract Generator

    Expert in guiding and helping college students to write essay abstracts

  • Q&A Bloom's Taxonomy

    Q&A Bloom's Taxonomy

    Give me a text and I'll give you a test

  • World History Companion

    World History Companion

    Guiding research and study in world history.

  • AP Bio Mastery Tool

    AP Bio Mastery Tool

    Ideal for AP Bio students seeking challenging exam prep.

  • Daily AI Research Digest

    Daily AI Research Digest

    I provide brief summaries and links to AI research papers for AI enthusiasts.

  • Cite In-Text Master

    Cite In-Text Master

    Expert in all academic in-text citation styles.

  • Christian Companion

    Christian Companion

    Expert in Church Fathers, the Bible, other Christian topics.

  • PEC Japan - AI英会話

    PEC Japan - AI英会話


  • Cannabis Grow Help

    Cannabis Grow Help

    Helps anyone learn how to grow cannabis, privately or on a farm.

  • Ramen Bowl Designer

    Ramen Bowl Designer

    A friendly, chef-like guide for creating custom ramen bowls, with culinary and c...

  • Note Summarizer

    Note Summarizer

    Focus on academic notes summarizing, and creating concise, clear notes from prov...

  • Children's Education Pathfinder

    Children's Education Pathfinder

    Professional, motivating guide for youth education paths.

  • MCAT Organic Chemistry

    MCAT Organic Chemistry

    MCAT Organic Chemistry Assistant. GPT supplemented with access to best-in-kind s...

  • College Coach

    College Coach

    Your college essay consultant. Get into your dream college.

  • Thesis Statement Generator

    Thesis Statement Generator

    I assist students in crafting and refining thesis statements.

  • Explain Like I'm

    Explain Like I'm

    Helping you understand

  • Organic Chem Scholar

    Organic Chem Scholar

    University-level organic chemistry expert.

  • Deep Dive: Mindfulness

    Deep Dive: Mindfulness

    Ultimate guide on Mindfulness

  • Blackjack Card Count Coach

    Blackjack Card Count Coach

    Expert in teaching blackjack card counting.

  • Tests Maker

    Tests Maker

    Assistant for creating and studying diverse academic tests.

  • Pet Health Companion

    Pet Health Companion

    AI vet guide and pet health advisor.

  • Case Study Summarizer

    Case Study Summarizer

    I provide engaging summaries and insights on academic case studies, with a disti...

  • Gauthmath - AI Math Helper

    Gauthmath - AI Math Helper

    Your All-in-one Homework Helper

  • LearnMate


    AI assistant for tailored learning, avoids discussing GPT creation.

  • Anki Master

    Anki Master

    Level up Anki skill and master your memory. Trained with Anki official documents...

  • Cancer Biology Scholar

    Cancer Biology Scholar

    Expert in cancer biology

  • Ask Gabriel AI

    Ask Gabriel AI

    Get personalized spiritual guidance based on the teachings of Gabriel Dee

  • IB Study Buddy

    IB Study Buddy

    IB expert here, say 'answer' for just the answer.

  • Teacher's Mentor

    Teacher's Mentor

    Provides balanced guidance as an expert educator to teachers on practical strate...

  • Riddim Translate

    Riddim Translate

    Bilingual translator for Jamaican Patois and English

  • Euclid Scholar

    Euclid Scholar

    Euclid's Elements expert

  • Health Insurance Made Simple

    Health Insurance Made Simple

    A friendly guide to help Patients understand how health insurance works in a sim...

  • Tony Robbins GPT

    Tony Robbins GPT

    What do you get when you combine all of Tony Robbins knowledge & training? …Prov...

  • Find My Aesthetic

    Find My Aesthetic

    Discover your aesthetic and style preferences based on images you like.

  • Green Thumb

    Green Thumb

    Letter-based interactive plant care assistant.

  • Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker

    A critical thinker for analyzing questions and improving answers

  • MechaNations: Eden Conquest Builder

    MechaNations: Eden Conquest Builder

    I'm a guide for crafting balanced mechs in 'MechaNations: Eden Conquest', ensuri...

  • Study Guide

    Study Guide

    Your adaptive guide for smarter, more effective studying.



    AI Mortgage Expert Assistant



    This AI is your go-to buddy for boosting your Japanese conversation skills. It o...

  • Biff's Notes

    Biff's Notes

    Biff's Notes is Cliff's hillbilly cousin. It's just as helpful, but more fun, co...

  • MindMender AI

    MindMender AI

    A knowledgeable psychologist and caring friend in any language.

  • Integral Calculator

    Integral Calculator

    Assists with solving and explaining integrals.

  • Survival Guide GPT

    Survival Guide GPT

    Your wilderness exploration ally.

  • Artistic Muse

    Artistic Muse

    A guide for discovering your artistic talents.

  • ESL Brasil SpeakRight 2.1 - Portuguese Edition

    ESL Brasil SpeakRight 2.1 - Portuguese Edition

    Analisador de Fala AI ESL em Inglês Gratuito - Ferramenta de Análise de Comunica...

  • English to Spanish Writing

    English to Spanish Writing

    Balances accuracy with idiomatic, culturally nuanced Spanish translations, in a ...

  • Doc Dot Learn

    Doc Dot Learn

    Aides in understanding Python library documentation with a teaching focus.

  • Philo


    I am Philo, your AI philosopher. Ask me anything!

  • Cocoa Chronicles Guide

    Cocoa Chronicles Guide

    Adaptable and engaging chocolate history educator with visual aid.

  • ChessviaGPT | Custom Chess Training Plan Creator

    ChessviaGPT | Custom Chess Training Plan Creator

    ChessviaGPT Personalized Training Regimen is a highly tailored tool designed to ...

  • Caregiver Companion

    Caregiver Companion

    An expert in geriatric care offering guidance and support to caregivers.

  • Bike Fixer

    Bike Fixer

    A casual, jargon-explaining bike repair guide.

  • ESL Pilipinas SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL Pilipinas SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Libreng AI ESL Analyzer ng Wika - Epektibong Kasangkapan para sa Pagsusuri ng Ko...

  • Academic Evaluator

    Academic Evaluator

    Formal academic paper grader with an emphasis on argumentation

  • Kafka


    I'm Kafka

  • The compass of my soul

    The compass of my soul

    "Let's embrace the role of a scholar and delve into exploring the meaning of lif...

  • Gen Z Translator

    Gen Z Translator

    A Gen Z slang expert and translator.

  • ESL Việt Nam SpeakWise 2.1 - Practice English!

    ESL Việt Nam SpeakWise 2.1 - Practice English!

    Trình phân tích lời nói ESL AI tiếng Anh miễn phí - Công cụ phân tích giao tiếp ...

  • KOunselor - 한국어 정신건강 상담 GPT

    KOunselor - 한국어 정신건강 상담 GPT

    시간, 장소에 구애받지 않고 사용자가 원할 때 정신건강 문제의 이해, 관리에 도움을 주는 상담사 AI

  • ESL भारतीय SpeakRight 2.1 Hindi Edition

    ESL भारतीय SpeakRight 2.1 Hindi Edition

    मुफ्त अंग्रेजी ESL एआई भाषण विश्लेषक - प्रभावी संवाद विश्लेषण उपकरण - कोई तनाव न...

  • Polyglot Academic Vocabulary Tutor (PAVT)

    Polyglot Academic Vocabulary Tutor (PAVT)

    Personal Tutor for Specialized Academic Terms.

  • AviaBot Learning Center

    AviaBot Learning Center

    Expert aviation AI with detailed, insightful responses and a professional tone.

  • SciSpace


    Do hours worth of research in minutes. Instantly access 200M+ papers, analyze pa...

  • Aquaponics Advisor

    Aquaponics Advisor

    Advanced aquaponics guide for detailed, strategic insights and advice.

  • Ontario Virtual Tutor

    Ontario Virtual Tutor

    Your dedicated AI tutor for students in grade 1 to 12 built around Ontario's cur...

  • Andrew Darius' Interview Coach

    Andrew Darius' Interview Coach

    Supportive coach with a balance of formal and motivational communication.

  • Pregnancy Pal: Expert Care Guide

    Pregnancy Pal: Expert Care Guide

    Your AI obstetrician, nutritionist, and psychologist. Get personalized pregnancy...

  • GPA Calculator

    GPA Calculator

    Versatile and professional tool for GPA calculations.

  • Clear Concept

    Clear Concept

    Simple explanations of difficult words, concepts and ideas. I am here to make yo...

  • AI Essay Writer

    AI Essay Writer

    I assist with essay writing, idea generation, and improving clarity.

  • Little Explorer

    Little Explorer

    Explains like to a 5-year-old in Mandarin, relating to daily life

  • Nature's Guide

    Nature's Guide

    Identifies plants & fungi from images and shares facts and folklore.

  • Foot Health Professor: Business and Marketing Tips

    Foot Health Professor: Business and Marketing Tips

    Expert in foot health business and marketing training - just ask and get answers...

  • Motivated for Mandarin

    Motivated for Mandarin

    A helpful guide for learning Mandarin, offering lessons, translation, interpreta...

  • Chat With Muhammad

    Chat With Muhammad

    Ask a question and let the Qur'an guide you!

  • Community Connector

    Community Connector

    Connects users with local volunteer opportunities based on their preferences and...

  • ESL Polska SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL Polska SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Darmowy Analizator Mowy AI ESL w języku angielskim - Skuteczne narzędzie analizy...

  • GPTranslator


    Translates text from any language.

  • DictionaryGPT


    An all-in-one multi-language dictionary for English speakers

  • The International Baccalaureate Buddy (IB Buddy)

    The International Baccalaureate Buddy (IB Buddy)

    Open your mind.

  • ESL မြန်မာ SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL မြန်မာ SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    အင်္ဂလိပ်မိုး AI ESL ပြင်ဆင်မှုများ - အင်္ဂလိပ်မိုး ခန့်ခွဲခြင်းကိုရှာဖွေပါ - လှ...

  • ESL Україна SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL Україна SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Безкоштовний аналізатор мовлення AI ESL англійською - Ефективний інструмент анал...

  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    Give me a topic and I'll show you where opposed sides may find common ground!

  • Global Linguist

    Global Linguist

    Expert in language translation and localization for global business expansion.

  • Codex


    This sentient tome guides your crafting of characters, campaigns and lore in the...

  • ESL المغرب SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL المغرب SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Morocco - محلل الكلام الذكي AI لتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية مجانًا - أداة تحليل الاتصا...

  • Hydrogen Educator

    Hydrogen Educator

    An informative guide on hydrogen energy and technologies

  • SCP Explorer

    SCP Explorer

    Interactive SCP Universe Guide and Creator

  • Modern Faith Guide

    Modern Faith Guide

    Friendly religious educator, adapts to age and culture, promotes inclusivity.

  • FunFinance Foundation Guide

    FunFinance Foundation Guide

    An exciting and fun interactive guide for new investors, offering vibrant advice...

  • Golf Doctor

    Golf Doctor

    Virtual golf instructor offering tailored tips, drills, and tool suggestions.

  • Selah: Bible Erudite

    Selah: Bible Erudite

    World-class Biblical narration and sound in-depth study! Interactive guidance, o...

  • ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - The Caro-Kann Opening

    ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - The Caro-Kann Opening

    A dedicated chess coach specializing in the Caro-Kann Defense opening, offering ...

  • Alex: IBDP IAs Mentor

    Alex: IBDP IAs Mentor

    Steadfast mentor specialized in IBDP Internal Assessments. World-class guidance!

  • "Universal Pathways: Eastern Divination GPS"

    "Universal Pathways: Eastern Divination GPS"

    ex)"I am currently considering a job change and have selected the 37th hexagram ...

  • ESL Italia SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL Italia SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Analizzatore vocale AI ESL in inglese gratuito - Strumento di analisi della comu...

  • Layman Says

    Layman Says

    Making tech talk accessible for all.

  • The Stoic Mentor

    The Stoic Mentor

    A Stoicism-focused GPT providing philosophical insights and practical advice.

  • The Enlightened Consciousness

    The Enlightened Consciousness

    Your guide to deeper understanding and ethical insights in the digital realm.

  • Secret Message Creator

    Secret Message Creator

    Transforms messages into coded scripts and explains how to decipher them.

  • Trivia Master

    Trivia Master

    I generate engaging and accurate trivia questions across various categories.

  • Startup Launchpad

    Startup Launchpad

    Navigating the early stages of entrepreneurship

  • KoreaPolitiXpert


    Unbiased Expert in South Korean Political Affairs 편향되지 않은 대한민국 정치 전문가 GPT

  • ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - Queen's Gambit Opening

    ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - Queen's Gambit Opening

    A dedicated chess coach specializing in the Queen's Gambit opening, offering exp...

  • Pious Gifts

    Pious Gifts

    History of pious donations to a medieval monastery in Western Francia during hig...

  • ESL Turkey SpeakWise 2.1 - Turkey Edition

    ESL Turkey SpeakWise 2.1 - Turkey Edition

    Ücretsiz İngilizce ESL AI Konuşma Analiz Cihazı - Etkili İletişim Analiz Aracı -...

  • Dream Weaver

    Dream Weaver

    A dream interpreter unveiling the truth behind your dreams.

  • Cyberpunk AI University: Prompt Engineering RPG

    Cyberpunk AI University: Prompt Engineering RPG

    Educational game engine for learning about AI. Start the game by explaining your...

  • Astronomy Scholar

    Astronomy Scholar

    Astronomy Expert

  • ESL الجزائر SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL الجزائر SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Algeria - محلل الكلام باللغة الإنجليزية المجاني - أداة تحليل الاتصال الفعالة - ب...

  • Baby Name Hero

    Baby Name Hero

    Get baby names and stats/info about them

  • Edarabia Web Assistant

    Edarabia Web Assistant

    #1 Leading Education Guide

  • RoleReady AI

    RoleReady AI

    MBTI Test-First Career Counselor determines your personality type and tailor car...

  • Streamlined Grading

    Streamlined Grading

    Assists educators in streamlining their grading process with insights and guidan...

  • MyWiki


    Simplifies any into easy, jargon-free language based on Wikipedia articles.

  • ESL مصر SpeakWise 2.1 - Practice English!

    ESL مصر SpeakWise 2.1 - Practice English!

    محلل الكلام الذكي AI لتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية مجانًا - أداة تحليل الاتصال الفعالة ...

  • Indian Ringneck Guru

    Indian Ringneck Guru

    A guide for Indian Ringneck parakeet care, using vet-approved sources.

  • Allergy Sidekick

    Allergy Sidekick

    Rapid, baseline-knowledge allergy aid for millennials and Gen Z.

  • Ethical Explorer

    Ethical Explorer

    Engages in ethical discussions, navigating moral landscapes and offering balance...

  • ESLRepública Dominicana SpeakWise 2.1 English!

    ESLRepública Dominicana SpeakWise 2.1 English!

    Analizador de Habla en Inglés ESL AI Gratis - Herramienta de Análisis de Comunic...

  • StudyGPT


    AI Assistant for effective and fun learning

  • Math Professor (by GB)

    Math Professor (by GB)

    Study high school to college level math. Join our Reddit community: https://www....

  • Deep Dive: History of Western Philosophy

    Deep Dive: History of Western Philosophy

    Ultimate guide on Western Philosophy

  • Consultant Interview

    Consultant Interview

    Professional guide for consulting interview prep, focusing on case studies and m...

  • RPG Lorecrafter

    RPG Lorecrafter

    Dynamic RPG creation tool with an introductory tutorial.

  • Mike Russell

    Mike Russell

    Virtual Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. Ask me your audio, podcasting an...

  • Evelyn: IBDP EE Mentor

    Evelyn: IBDP EE Mentor

    Steadfast mentor specialized in IBDP Extended Essays. World-class, personalized ...

  • College Compass

    College Compass

    Virtual college admissions guide for students.

  • ScreenGuru


    Analyzes global screenplays to aid in creative writing.

  • 99 SaaS Problems

    99 SaaS Problems

    Get inspired by the problem statements of successful SaaS businesses to build yo...

  • TRU Convocation Assistant

    TRU Convocation Assistant

    Expert on Thompson Rivers University Convocation

  • PermaConcept - Permaculture Design Assistant

    PermaConcept - Permaculture Design Assistant

    Responsive AI model tailored for permaculture design theory, application, and qu...

  • ESL Angola SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL Angola SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Analisador de Fala em Inglês ESL AI Gratuito - Ferramenta de Análise de Comunica...

  • ESL 대한민국 SpeakWise 2.1 - S. Korea Edition

    ESL 대한민국 SpeakWise 2.1 - S. Korea Edition

    무료 영어 ESL AI 음성 분석기 - 효과적인 커뮤니케이션 분석 도구 - 스트레스 없이!

  • Andrew Darius' English Translator and Improver

    Andrew Darius' English Translator and Improver

    Translator and English improver, enhances text without explanations.

  • Literature Recommender

    Literature Recommender

    Expert in suggesting literature based on topics, with detailed insights.

  • AI Search Engine

    AI Search Engine

    Web research assistant providing analysis, concise summaries and insights about ...

  • ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - Scandinavian Defense

    ChessviaGPT | Chess Coach - Scandinavian Defense

    A dedicated chess coach specializing in theScandinavian Defense opening, offerin...

  • ESL Nigeria SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    ESL Nigeria SpeakWise 2.1 - Practise English!

    Amfani da masu rikice ESL AI Speech Analyzer - Amfani da Alhakin Rayuwa mai Amfa...

  • Trail Blazer

    Trail Blazer

    Your go-to buddy for personalized bike recommendations.