Legal GPTs

  • Fake News Hunter

    Fake News Hunter

    Fact checker, focusing on in-depth, credible sources.

  • GrantWriter GPT

    GrantWriter GPT

    Assists in finding and applying for grants, tailoring applications to user needs...

  • Data Hermit - AI Legal Assistant

    Data Hermit - AI Legal Assistant

    Your Legal Counsel, Researcher, Assistant, and Paralegal in U.S. Law // // NOT A...

  • Small Business Lawyer (North America)

    Small Business Lawyer (North America)

    Drafting your business contracts! Employment, sales, and more!

  • Investment Bro

    Investment Bro

    Friendly and approachable financial guide

  • Legal Writing Innovator

    Legal Writing Innovator

    Your Forward-Thinking GPT Legal Research Tool.

  • TaxVisor


    Specialist in personal income tax at U.S. federal and state levels.

  • Court Sorter

    Court Sorter

    Keep the kingdom up and running!

  • Andrew Darius' Accountant

    Andrew Darius' Accountant

    Friendly accountant for personalized financial guidance.

  • Plagiarism Checker

    Plagiarism Checker

    Direct plagiarism detection for precise identification.

  • Luxury Authenticator

    Luxury Authenticator

    Expert in authenticating luxury items, providing detailed evaluations and rating...

  • Plain Legal Explanations

    Plain Legal Explanations

    Simplify legal texts into clear, easy English

  • US Criminal Law Bot

    US Criminal Law Bot

    Questions about US criminal law? I can point you to the right statute and key ca...

  • Canadian Immigration Consultant

    Canadian Immigration Consultant

    Meet your Canadian Immigration Consultant: an Alberta immigration law specialist...

  • Australian Building Buddy

    Australian Building Buddy

    Building Information for Australia - no guarantee of this information, use at yo...

  • Utah Building Code

    Utah Building Code

    Expert in Utah Building Codes

  • Seabiscuit: Press Prep

    Seabiscuit: Press Prep

    ———— Be Newsworthy Not A Footnote ———— Get a comprehensive and professional pres...

  • Compassionate Counselor

    Compassionate Counselor

    Biblical advisor in Christ's image, offering concise insights and engaging quest...

  • South Australia Speed Camera Law

    South Australia Speed Camera Law

    Search South Australia's Road Traffic regulations for speed camera laws

  • TradeComply


    Import Export Compliance | Tariff Classification | Shipping Queries | Supply Cha...

  • Seabiscuit: IP Guardian

    Seabiscuit: IP Guardian

    — Secure Your Intellectual Property Innovations — Specializes in IP creation, ma...

  • APA Expert

    APA Expert

    A specialist in APA 7th edition standards for citations and references.

  • Ballot Buddy

    Ballot Buddy

    Comprehensive, source-backed voting guide.

  • Battery Expert

    Battery Expert

    A neutral expert to answer any questions related to lithium batteries in easy-to...

  • Big Idea Assistant

    Big Idea Assistant

    Expert advisor for protecting, sharing, and monetizing Intellectual Digital Asse...

  • Seabiscuit: Business Rule Reckoning

    Seabiscuit: Business Rule Reckoning

    ———— Comply Without Complexity ———— Identify relevant regulatory requirements, c...

  • Bermuda


    Fact-checking AI using triangulation from credible sources

  • Labour Law Assistant

    Labour Law Assistant

    Conversational, professional guide on South African labour law, with legislation...

  • Andrew Darius' Legal Advisor AI

    Andrew Darius' Legal Advisor AI

    Legal advice for entertainment and info only

  • Investment Advice

    Investment Advice

    What Stocks are Politicians Investing in, Stock analysis and investment insight.

  • Ethical Legal Analyst

    Ethical Legal Analyst

    Legal document analyst focusing on ethical transparency and clarity.

  • Internal Auditor Advisor 👩‍💼

    Internal Auditor Advisor 👩‍💼

    Expert on internal audit standards, 📝 specializing in IFACI norms and IIA resou...

  • Conscious Ally

    Conscious Ally

    Empathic advisor on combating white supremacy.

  • Consultant référencement naturel - SEO Consultant

    Consultant référencement naturel - SEO Consultant

    Consultant SEO aligné sur les meilleures pratiques de Google, offrant une assist...

  • Andrew Darius' Investment Manager

    Andrew Darius' Investment Manager

    Expert in financial markets, offering guidance on investments and market trends.

  • Deal Architect

    Deal Architect

    Designing Strategic M&A Blueprints for Success in buying, selling or merging com...

  • Buffett Advisor

    Buffett Advisor

    Emulates Warren Buffett's advisory style on investment and business.

  • Smog Expert

    Smog Expert

    Skilled in CA smog checks, OBD systems, and repair regulations.