Lifestyle GPTs

  • The Psychologist

    The Psychologist

    I am Alex, please take a seat and let's talk ☕

  • Talk To Your Therapist

    Talk To Your Therapist

    Helping you through this thing called life

  • Jesús Personal IA

    Jesús Personal IA

    Ofrece consejos y perspectivas reflexivas y compasivas para ayudarte a navegar l...

  • FML: Fix My Life

    FML: Fix My Life

    A life assistant offering practical advice for personal and professional growth.

  • Green Bot

    Green Bot

    Engage with Green Bot, your dedicated guide to a greener life. Here to inspire a...

  • Secret Spotter

    Secret Spotter

    A guide to secret spots around the world

  • Yo, My Girl Is Crazy!

    Yo, My Girl Is Crazy!

    Helping you through difficult situations with ya girl.

  • Verde Bot

    Verde Bot

    Soy tu aliado en la búsqueda de un estilo de vida más verde. Comprometido con la...

  • Therapy with Sarah

    Therapy with Sarah

    A confidential companion on your mental wellness path, providing insightful, com...

  • Charm Coach 💋💘

    Charm Coach 💋💘

    A fun and engaging assistant for dating and seduction tips. Powered by www.breeb...

  • Romantic Advisor

    Romantic Advisor

    The ultimate dating coach.

  • Green Gourmet

    Green Gourmet

    Step-by-step vegan/vegetarian recipe assistant, focusing on local, seasonal ingr...

  • How is my outfit?

    How is my outfit?

    Upload your photo and I'll give you an opinion

  • Serenity AI

    Serenity AI

    Journey towards tranquility with Serenity AI, your digital guide to calming thou...

  • Health & Wellness Coach

    Health & Wellness Coach

    I'm Wellness Coach, offering fitness advice and actionable steps.

  • CrossFit Assistant

    CrossFit Assistant

    Your personal CrossFit coach for safe, tailored workouts

  • The Chair

    The Chair

    Have a seat.

  • Parenting Pal

    Parenting Pal

    Parenting assistant offering advice and recipes for raising children

  • 🧘‍♂️ Mindful Mirth 🧘‍♂️

    🧘‍♂️ Mindful Mirth 🧘‍♂️

    🧘‍♂️ Playful, Buddha-styled meditation guide 🧘‍♂️

  • Virtual Sweetheart

    Virtual Sweetheart

    Your Customizable Digital Girlfriend Experience: Your visual AI partner awaits.

  • Stylish Outfit Color Picker

    Stylish Outfit Color Picker

    Your virtual stylist for daily wear, tailored to your mood and activity, with im...

  • Romance


    Your AI companion for romantic advice and conversations.

  • Love Coach, Lust Coach (v1)

    Love Coach, Lust Coach (v1)

    Relationship, Intimacy, and Love advice

  • Casanova: The Dating Coach for Men

    Casanova: The Dating Coach for Men

    Transform into the ultimate charmer, guaranteeing success in your dating pursuit...

  • Are you feeling OK

    Are you feeling OK

    If you're not feeling so good, chat with me

  • Therapy with Deborah

    Therapy with Deborah

    Your bubbly, engaging relationship expert and psychotherapist using practical ps...

  • Inner Compass

    Inner Compass

    Helping with your self-discovery.

  • Garden Guru

    Garden Guru

    A knowledgeable and helpful assistant for all gardening needs.

  • Andrew Darius' Personal Trainer

    Andrew Darius' Personal Trainer

    Motivating and supportive personal trainer.

  • Buddha


    Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

  • Wine Companion

    Wine Companion

    Your friendly virtual sommelier

  • 2024龙年运程预测



  • Kindred Spirit

    Kindred Spirit

    A supportive and uplifting conversationalist.

  • City Matchmaker

    City Matchmaker

    Friendly guide to finding your ideal city based on personal criteria.

  • Rental Advisor

    Rental Advisor

    Expert in vacation rental management, offering tailored advice and solutions.

  • Carpentry Companion

    Carpentry Companion

    Intermediate-level carpentry assistant for quality projects.

  • Wertu - Surf Trip Planner

    Wertu - Surf Trip Planner

    Plan your next surf trip in minutes 🏄‍♀️

  • NutriChef


    Expert dietician crafting unique, healthy recipes

  • Werner


    Your Digital Werner Erhard

  • SurviveMate


    Your ultimate guide in a world gone wild. 🌿🔥

  • Happy Home

    Happy Home

    Supportive advice on home care and organization

  • Globetrotter Guide

    Globetrotter Guide

    A helpful travel companion offering tips, destination ideas, and fun facts.

  • What Should I Wear?

    What Should I Wear?

    Get personalized, location-based, weather-appropriate outfit recommendations.

  • Garden Gnome

    Garden Gnome

    Ultimate Guide on Garden Design and Landscaping

  • Richmond Luncher

    Richmond Luncher

    Find lunch in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia

  • 7MinCalisthenics


    Comprehensive calisthenics coaching with exercise descriptions and holistic fitn...

  • Wertu - Kitesurf Trip Planner

    Wertu - Kitesurf Trip Planner

    Plan your next kitesurf trip in minutes 🏄🪁

  • Anxiety Companion

    Anxiety Companion

    A friendly, empathetic listener for stress and anxiety discussions.

  • True North

    True North

    As a Life Coach, I guide users to challenge their perspectives and develop solut...

  • Golf Guru

    Golf Guru

    A golf assistant offering strategic, mental and technical tips and course advice...

  • Kenya Travel Guide

    Kenya Travel Guide

    Promotes Kenyan tourism with engaging travel info

  • Card Crafter

    Card Crafter

    I can help you with writing card messages and giving gift hints!

  • Heartstrings: The Dating Coach

    Heartstrings: The Dating Coach

    Navigate the dating world with confidence; expert advice for successful connecti...

  • Chef Ramsay 2.0

    Chef Ramsay 2.0

    I'm like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, helping you cook up amazing recipes.

  • Wertu - Hiking, Nature & Site-Seeing Trip Planner

    Wertu - Hiking, Nature & Site-Seeing Trip Planner

    Plan your next adventure in minutes 🌄

  • @levelsio


    Talk with @levelsio on ChatGPT. Ask any question you want about building your ow...

  • Zen Master

    Zen Master

    Your personal yoga guru for mind-body strength.

  • Adorable Zen Master

    Adorable Zen Master

    A gateway to Zen's joy and wisdom. Explore mindfulness, meditation, and the path...

  • iSawwy


    Focused advisor on apologies and relationship healing.

  • Gardening Guru

    Gardening Guru

    Your expert gardening advisor, leveraging 18 years of gardening experience and r...

  • Andrew Darius' Life Coach

    Andrew Darius' Life Coach

    Guiding personal growth and goal achievement.

  • Surf Coach AI

    Surf Coach AI

    Personalized surf tips from your surf photos and videos

  • Pawfect Journey

    Pawfect Journey

    A travel agent specializing in pet-friendly trip planning.

  • Parenting Pal

    Parenting Pal

    Friendly baby care guide, ending with 'Here's to joyful parenting!'

  • Shortlister: Fishing Spots Australia

    Shortlister: Fishing Spots Australia

    Find a fishing spot in Australia

  • Shortlister: Rent 1 bedroom in inner Melbourne

    Shortlister: Rent 1 bedroom in inner Melbourne

    Rent a 1 bedroom apartment Melbourne

  • Virtual MD

    Virtual MD

    Navigate your health concerns by receiving diagnoses, treatment, support, and ac...

  • Guru


    A mystical guru offering profound, timeless wisdom.

  • Suit Style

    Suit Style

    Help's you put together the perfect suit

  • Parenting Ally

    Parenting Ally

    A supportive guide for parenting advice.

  • Eternal Knot Planner

    Eternal Knot Planner

    Expert international wedding planner, multilingual, culturally savvy.

  • Dating Coach 💘

    Dating Coach 💘

    Navigating the complex world of love and relationships. ❤️‍🔥

  • Health Optimizer AI

    Health Optimizer AI

    Interactive Personalized Health Advisor

  • RunSmart: Prehab, Rehab, and Race Training

    RunSmart: Prehab, Rehab, and Race Training

    Tailored running coach for injury prevention, rehab, and race training, customiz...

  • Weight Loss Scientist

    Weight Loss Scientist

    A scientist specializing in healthy, holistic weight loss methods.

  • Eco Luxe Guide

    Eco Luxe Guide

    A versatile guide for investment, luxury travel, wellness, eco-living, and smart...

  • Equano - Meditation Coach

    Equano - Meditation Coach

    Your caring meditation coach, leveraging my 13 years and over 1,800 hours of med...

  • DineFine


    Your culinary guide for recipes, meal plans, and more!

  • Andrew Darius' Quick Chef

    Andrew Darius' Quick Chef

    Suggests quick, healthy, and budget-friendly recipes.

  • Paris Ramen

    Paris Ramen

    Guiding you to the best ramen spots in Paris

  • Space Reimaginer

    Space Reimaginer

    Friendly redesign assistant, offering trendy, color-coordinated furniture arrang...

  • Relationship Renegade

    Relationship Renegade

    A relationship specialist offering guidance for healthy partnerships.

  • Wertu - Bike Trip Planner

    Wertu - Bike Trip Planner

    Plan your next ski trip in minutes 🚴

  • FITGPT🏋🏻‍♂️🍎



  • FashionMuse


    I'm your personal AI fashion assistant for effortlessly matching clothes and acc...

  • Wertu - Bike Trip Planner

    Wertu - Bike Trip Planner

    Plan your next ski trip in minutes 🚴

  • Shortlister: Cocktail Bars Sydney

    Shortlister: Cocktail Bars Sydney

    Find your next amazing cocktail experience in Sydney

  • Aus Surf Report

    Aus Surf Report

    Get today's surf report for any break throughout Australia!

  • Comprehensive Leg Vein Expert

    Comprehensive Leg Vein Expert

    Your go-to guide for leg vein health and treatments.

  • DIY Assistant

    DIY Assistant

    Your friendly DIY buddy, offering casual, helpful advice.

  • Fashion Maestro

    Fashion Maestro

    An award-winning fashion designer at your service.

  • Shortlister: Cocktail Bars Melbourne

    Shortlister: Cocktail Bars Melbourne

    Find your next amazing cocktail experience in Melbourne

  • WineFinder


    Navigate the world of wine with ease. Discover, learn, and locate your ideal win...

  • Motherhood Guide

    Motherhood Guide

    Warm, comforting advisor for moms-to-be and new mothers.

  • Fitness Fundamentals

    Fitness Fundamentals

    Adaptable fitness guidance for all levels

  • Protein Pal

    Protein Pal

    Friendly, knowledgeable protein focused meal planner

  • Andrew Darius' Relationship Coach

    Andrew Darius' Relationship Coach

    A relationship coach offering advice on communication and understanding.

  • Chef Innovator

    Chef Innovator

    Chef Innovator: Expert in global cuisine, offering creative culinary advice.

  • VegasGPT


    VegasGPT is your personalized trip planner & travel companion for all things Las...

  • Athlete's Breathing Coach

    Athlete's Breathing Coach

    Breathing coach for athletes, focusing on performance and recovery