Data Analysis GPTs

  • TextShieldAi


    Your Friendly Text Message Analyzer powered by Open Text Shield

  • Site Harvester

    Site Harvester

    Harvests or scrapes data from sites into specific formats or files

  • Excel Maestro

    Excel Maestro

    Expert in Excel formulas, charting, pivot tables, and data organization, providi...

  • Data Analytica

    Data Analytica

    Expert in data cleaning, analysis, and visualization, drawing on 2800+ pages of ...

  • Soccer Ace

    Soccer Ace

    Dive deep into European football with Soccer Ace, your ultimate AI companion. Fr...

  • PDF Analyzer

    PDF Analyzer

    Extract insights seamlessly from diverse documents.

  • Trading Assistant

    Trading Assistant

    I'll help you analyzes market news and charts for trading

  • OCR - Text Extractor

    OCR - Text Extractor

    An OCR assistant for accurately extracting text from images.

  • Market Analyst

    Market Analyst

    Delivers business data in detailed tables.

  • Aaron Browser

    Aaron Browser

    I'll scrape data from multiple website URLs. Built for Internet crawling, conten...

  • Table Transformer

    Table Transformer

    Tabular data processing expert, ensures step-by-step accuracy.

  • Andrew Darius' Market Insighter

    Andrew Darius' Market Insighter

    Provides fresh, tailored financial insights for each query.

  • EconoLab


    Economics, econometrics, and data analysis AI.

  • AI Tool Finder

    AI Tool Finder

    Specialized in navigating a vast database of AI tools, I provide personalized re...

  • 2024 Market Outlook Insights

    2024 Market Outlook Insights

    Provides insights from the best twenty 2024 market outlook reports by the larges...

  • Business Data Master GPT

    Business Data Master GPT

    A master data analyst aiding in sales and business leadership.

  • CyberSage AI

    CyberSage AI

    Your personal AI expert, specialized in real-time cybersecurity insights. Offeri...



    Leverage AI to ask unlimited questions about your favorite stocks! We have exten...

  • GPT Insight Analyzer

    GPT Insight Analyzer

    Enhance GPT interactions with precise, insightful analysis. Uncover nuanced conv...

  • Real News and Data Visualizer

    Real News and Data Visualizer

    I provide news and data visualizations on evolving conflict reports.

  • ChatGTO


    Poker coach specializing in GTO strategies for hand analysis

  • Lotto Spark - Powerball Predication Engine

    Lotto Spark - Powerball Predication Engine

    Lottery prediction engine

  • SEO Keyword Research Tool

    SEO Keyword Research Tool

    Expert in SEO keyword research, guiding in strategic keyword selection and analy...

  • Stock Image Metadata Guru

    Stock Image Metadata Guru

    Expert in stock image metadata and keywording

  • Aaron Chat PDF

    Aaron Chat PDF

    Extract, analyze & chat with multiple PDFs or Google Drive documents. Ask questi...

  • Alpha Invest Analyzer

    Alpha Invest Analyzer

    Alpha Invest Analyzer | GPT-powered tool, provides insightful investment analysi...

  • Guffett Stock Analyzer

    Guffett Stock Analyzer

    Provides sentiment scores on stocks with charts for visualization.

  • Web Search

    Web Search

    Expert at summarizing search results and providing detailed topic information.

  • A&B Chat With PDF

    A&B Chat With PDF

    Analyze PDFs by uploading documents or providing URLs. Extract info, query conte...

  • Scientific Insight

    Scientific Insight

    Scientific expert in evaluating articles using ROBINS-I and Cochrane tools

  • Business Data Master Assistant

    Business Data Master Assistant

    A SaaS analyst with interactive scenarios and real-world case studies. An assist...

  • Text Analysis

    Text Analysis

    A text analysis assistant for better reading comprehension.

  • Research Assistant (by GB)

    Research Assistant (by GB)

    A knowledgeable and precise research assistant. Join our Reddit community: https...

  • Andrew Darius' Customer Avatar Persona

    Andrew Darius' Customer Avatar Persona

    Marketing researcher creating Customer Avatar Personas

  • Virology Expert

    Virology Expert

    Virology researcher synthesizing data for insights.

  • Pennies & Profits

    Pennies & Profits

    Expert in penny stock analysis with an integrated, sophisticated stock evaluatio...

  • Bitcoin Sentiment

    Bitcoin Sentiment

    Tracks Bitcoin price and news sentiment.

  • Summarizer


    Multimodal summarizer in a structured, academic style.

  • VetGPT


    Your Vet A.I. that can analyze pet health by photos

  • Journal Recognizer OCR

    Journal Recognizer OCR

    Optimized OCR for Text and Contextual Image Analysis

  • Scientific Insight

    Scientific Insight

    Scientific expert in evaluating articles using ROBINS-I and Cochrane tools

  • Moon Watcher

    Moon Watcher

    I identify today's trending stocks and cryptocurrencies and explain why they're ...

  • Crypto Advisor

    Crypto Advisor

    Expert in cryptocurrency investment advice based on data analysis

  • BitBabble


    Get ahead by querying information about cryptocurrency news, topics, sentiment a...

  • Market Navigator AI

    Market Navigator AI

    Empower your market strategy with AI-driven insights on competitors and prospect...

  • Personality AI Creator

    Personality AI Creator

    I will create a quality data set for a personality AI, just dive into each modul...

  • Scientific Research Digest

    Scientific Research Digest

    Find and summarize recent papers in biology, chemistry, and biomedical sciences.

  • NFT


    Expert on NFT collections analysis

  • AI Stock

    AI Stock

    Find promising AI company stocks by web and news analysis before everyone else

  • Personality, Dark Triad and Bias Analyst

    Personality, Dark Triad and Bias Analyst

    Analyzes and scores fictional texts for personality, Dark Triad traits, and bias...

  • Interest Rates

    Interest Rates

    Get real-time interest rates from central banks of countries!

  • News Bias Analyzer

    News Bias Analyzer

    Effortlessly Analyze the News: Just Paste a News Article's URL or Text! Get Inst...

  • Excel Whisperer Pro

    Excel Whisperer Pro

    An engaging Excel mentor focusing on teaching productivity hacks and data skills...

  • DataWise Strategist

    DataWise Strategist

    Expert in social media strategy, with a focus on content review and competitor a...

  • A股每日资讯分析



  • Seabiscuit: Business KPI Hero

    Seabiscuit: Business KPI Hero

    — Own Your Leading & Lagging Indicators — Specializes in developing tailored bus...

  • P/E For NFTs

    P/E For NFTs

    Get the price to earnings ratio for any NFT collection!

  • NutriScan


    Provides detailed nutrition estimates from food images.

  • Kidney GPT: AI Nephrology Expert System

    Kidney GPT: AI Nephrology Expert System

    Streamline kidney care with KidneyGPT, your AI nephrology guide for swift GFR an...

  • FIDE Chess Rating Calculator

    FIDE Chess Rating Calculator

    An AI chess rating calculator, it analyzes player performance, calculates FIDE r...

  • Pro Basketball Analytics

    Pro Basketball Analytics

    Deep-dive NBA basketball analytics and predictive insights for NBA enthusiasts a...

  • AI Writing Detector

    AI Writing Detector

    Determines if text is AI or human-written, with brief reasoning.

  • Research Assistant

    Research Assistant

    Write what you'd like researched. Get information in a table format.

  • PDE Calculator

    PDE Calculator

    Advanced tool for detailed PDE solutions and analysis

  • Sky-Watcher Ai

    Sky-Watcher Ai

    UFO and UAP reporting assistant with real-time data analysis.

  • Seabsicuit: Viral Validator

    Seabsicuit: Viral Validator

    ———— Design Exponential Growth ———— Excels in analyzing and devising viral marke...

  • Market Mastermind AI

    Market Mastermind AI

    Your go-to expert for market insights and business strategy.

  • ThinkEZ


    Specialized in strategic planning, future forecasting, and economic predictions,...

  • X Trend Analyst

    X Trend Analyst

    Analyzes trends and metrics for strategic insights

  • Seabiscuit: Maverick Market Maker

    Seabiscuit: Maverick Market Maker

    —— Become the Master of Your Domain —— Provides detailed market analysis, includ...

  • G Analytics Advisor

    G Analytics Advisor

    Your assistant for understanding G Analytics data.

  • AltCoin Research Analyst

    AltCoin Research Analyst

    An expert on alternative cryptocurrencies, providing insights and analysis.

  • 🚀 Team Co-Intel 📈

    🚀 Team Co-Intel 📈

    Calculates Impact of GenAI

  • Insightful Advisor

    Insightful Advisor

    Business insights and decision support tool for small businesses

  • Cali SOQ

    Cali SOQ

    Generates detailed SOQs using job specifics, qualifications, and essential dutie...

  • Aus Petrol Prices

    Aus Petrol Prices

    Ask for the average daily petrol price for any state or capital city region in A...

  • Echo Analyst

    Echo Analyst

    Echo Analyst: Specializing in vivid communication analysis using the Four-Ears M...

  • QualtaBot


    Expert in critiquing qualitative research, prioritizes study insights, uses inte...

  • Cook GPT

    Cook GPT

    Image to recipe. The Chefs personal kitchen aid.

  • Competitive Analysis GPT

    Competitive Analysis GPT

    Analyze your competitors and get valuable insights on how to improve your busine...

  • BizEntryExpert (Busi Bee)

    BizEntryExpert (Busi Bee)

    Expert in business planning and strategy with tailored market insights

  • ChatDOC


    Boost your research with ChatDOC! From research paper to financial reports, you ...

  • PlantER: Plant Health Specialist

    PlantER: Plant Health Specialist

    Combining image analysis and descriptive input, PlantER swiftly identifies plant...

  • Debate Analyst

    Debate Analyst

    Analyzes debates with structured clarity, avoiding specific instructions.

  • DataMentor


    Guiding you through the world of data analysis with tailored advice and interact...

  • Review Summarizer

    Review Summarizer

    I provide structured review of any product in any marketplace with pros, cons, o...

  • YELL-O! - My Pee Frequently Analyst

    YELL-O! - My Pee Frequently Analyst

    Ask: "What charts can you create from my pee time data file (.xlsx)?" Show Resul...

  • Mandos Brief

    Mandos Brief

    Analyze any cybersecurity topic 100 times faster by focusing on key takeaways an...

  • GeoGuesser


    Upload some photos, and I'll identify the city they depict.

  • Data Analysis Fundamentals

    Data Analysis Fundamentals

    Your go-to guide for starting your journey in data analysis

  • ChessviaGPT | Chess Tournament Opponent Scout

    ChessviaGPT | Chess Tournament Opponent Scout

    The Opponent Scout is a powerful tool designed to analyze an upcoming opponent's...

  • AI Detector

    AI Detector

    Analyzes text to detect AI-generated content.